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La distillerie d’Indochine s'engage avec passion dans une production de qualité.
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A team combining more than 35 years of experience in the field of wines and spirits, but above all, a group of friends dedicated to bringing together in the same project, their love for rum and their attachment to Vietnam. Antoine Poircuitte, the Master Distiller, driven by his passion and experience, wanted to bring back to taste a family tradition in order to elaborate the best Vietnamese agricultural rum.

The one and only place in Vietnam where you will be able to discover a French still and a traditional ageing method surrounded by a pristine beach ! It is the ideal place for all lovers of Artisan rum who want to enjoy their tastings in a heavenly setting.

Intelligent production

Privileged environment

Located on the seafront, Distillery Indochina is nestled in a privileged natural environment were the production conditions and ageing process in barrels are perfect.

Easy access

Located only 15km south of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and 40km from Danang and its international airport. Distillery Indochina welcomes you all year round with its tasting bar and guest house.

Product quality

Quang Nam's province local sugar cane variety, is renowned for its high quality and aromatic properties. In addition, the top quality of local groundwater has been highlighted by both French and Vietnamese independent laboratories.

Promoting short circuit

The sugar cane fields are cultivated in a range of 40 km around the Distillery, using traditional methods and excluding the use of any pesticide or chemical. The best canes are carefully selected and exclusively harvested by hand.

Respect for products

The harvesting time of Sampan production takes place at the end of each day. Harvesting done by hand implies a low per-hectare yield but enhances a better juice concentration. To ensure maximum freshness and a high quality juice cane, the canes are always delivered within 12hours after the harvest, directly at our production site.

Regular analysis

Both Extensive soil testings and cane analysis are carried out/performed regularly by certified labs in Vietnam and in France to guarantee a high quality of juice and rum.

White rums

Three White rums with distinct intensities are now available at different levels of alcohol, with powerful and subtle fragrances specific to each and creating their uniqueness.
The 48%,54% or 65% will allow you to create a wide range of cocktails while highlighting the aromatic bouquet of each Sampan rums. Perfect neat or on the rocks.


Amber rums

Discover our range of rums aged in oak barrels between 8 and 12 months. Spiced is a subtle association of rum infused with local spices and slightly softened by a touch of honey. Enjoy tasting the expression of a specific terroir full of flavors : Vietnam. Perfect straight, on the rock or mixed.
In a more refined style, our Amber rum is a raw cask that has been ageing Cognac in a previous life.


Old Rum

Our 100% pure cane juice Old Sampan Rum is now in the course of ageing process exclusively done in carefully selected French oak barrels. Coming from prestigious Cognac houses, our barrels bring subtle flavors and fragrances to our rum. But as for now, it gently lies under the shade of the coconut trees, facing the sea for a few years.


A 100% pure sugarcane juice Rum

Carefully elaborated and monitored, all of our processes ensure the creation of a high quality rum, Sampan Rum.

All of our rums are guaranteed 100% sugar cane juice.

The 6 Steps



Our sugar cane is harvested by hand from February to August in Quang Nam Province. To ensure maximum freshness of the juices, the reception and grinding is done within 12 hours after the cut.



Quality control and weighing is done upon reception of the canes. They are then grinded in a single press to extract the heart of the juice. The juice is then filtered and immediately put to rest into fermentation tanks.



Our fermentation tanks are thermo-regulated which allow a smooth fermentation process, going from 72 to 96h. This process is closely monitored in our lab. In parallel, we thoroughly control the yeast and bacteria activity involved in the fermentation process.



Once the juice is completely fermented, it is transfered to a 1000 liter column still which allows us to keep distillating each of the 4 fermentation tanks continuously. The rum collected at the output of the still reaches then up to a 70% maximum alcohol content.



Two possible storages techniques are used depending on the type of rum. Both spiced and old Rum will mature 8 months in barrels.
They will then be kept for an extra 6 months in stainless steel tanks to ensure alcohol reduction by reverse osmosis filtration with pure water.


The Bottling process

Two differents techniques are used depending on our rum. Spiced, Amber and Old Rum are kept in barrels. White rums rest in stainless steel vats for a 7 month period, allowing a slow drip reduction with purified water.

A typical production day is :


tons of sugar cane


liters to ferment


out of 4 thermo-regulated tanks


liters of 70° Rum

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Come and discover Sampan’s universe !

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Our bar manager, Jacques, is pleased to welcome you you every hour at our distillery for guided tours and tastings .

« The tour includes »* :

  • Welcome cocktail

  • Guided tour of the distillery

  • Tasting of Sampan’s Rum, discover a whole universe of flavors .

*250 000 VND per pax


Book a tour

Villa Mai Tai in the heart of the distillery

Stay in a spacious villa with pool and sea views within the distillery.

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